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Slendertone Evolution


Tighten your tummy even while watching TV or doing housework!

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Product Description

You can release yourself from tough, monotonous training.

Abdominal exercising where you can easily hurt your back and diets that require high levels of self control are tough and it’s hard to stay on track. But I really want to do something about this stomach. Wait no longer! The solution for you is Slendertone Evolution. Slendertone Evolution has the most effective level of tightening for all Slendertone products to date. With the EMS technology of Slendertone, all you need to do is wrap it around your waist and turn it on while relaxing watching TV at home, while doing housework, while using the internet or reading a book, ¬†you can effectively tone your abs in a short period of time.

EMS: The exercise you can do without moving your body.

EMS sends out low-frequency signals which trains your muscles. Developed on the 1960s, it’s a technology widely employed in muscle training and in general exercise equipment. When you apply low-frequency signals to muscles, there is a momentary squeezing which tightens the muscles and causes them to contract. This cycle of “contraction” and “relaxation” is what trains the muscles. This muscle training method that was developed by using the characteristics of the human body is the EMS technology that is utilized in Slendertone.

Over 7 million * devices sold worldwide!!

Three reasons why Slendertone is chosen over the others.

1. The assurance of a trusted brand!
Bio Medical Research (BMR) is an Irish company with a proud record of highly specialised knowledge and established technology. Since developing Slendertone, this track record has been forged with over 40 years of manufacturing of sports science EMS machines. From this accumulated know-how, Slendertone was born and it is now a trusted brand that was the first in the world to have approval from the American government body, the FDA. It is produced and maintained under thorough quality control systems with global standards (ISO13485) so the level of assurance is second to none.

2. Anyone can easily exercise while doing something else
With Slendertone all you need to do is wrap the belt around the parts of your body you are concerned about. So it is possible for you to exercise while watching TV, doing housework or anything you want, when you want. You don’t have to do anything because the Slendertone will train all the parts of your body you are concerned about for you!


3. Efficient tightening is possible!
Slendertone has made it possible to effectively train your muscles with its unique C.S.I. technology. A simultaneous total abdominal tightening that was difficult with individual abdominal exercises is now a reality. In a monitor survey around 80% of respondents said they felt that their abs were getting harder.


Slendertone’s effectiveness is put to the test!

Abdominal exercises vs Slendertone Evolution

As effective as doing 200 abdominal exercises.

We measured muscular activity escalation rates in two groups;Group 1 completed 200 abdominal exercises per day. Group 2 used Slendertone Evolution twice a day (60 minutes) The results show that the Slendertone Evolution users’ muscular activity increased on average 44.5%. Far greater than the other group who did 200 abdominal exercises.


Distinguishing features of Slendertone Evolution

4 points that distinguish from cheap and inferior imitations;

1. The technology and credibility of an ISO authorized maker
The maker of Slendertone, BMR, is proud of its highly specialized knowledge and established technology, and of producing many medical products for professionals. Needless to say, the ISO authorized products are guaranteed to comply with worldwide criteria and its credibility and product quality are far-beyond those of cheap and inferior imitations!

2. No risk trial and free product repair
* 39 day no risk trial
At Shop Japan we are so confident in our products we will give you 39 days to use the products risk free and if you can’t get results we will refund you the price of the product.
The shipping fees will be charged to the customer.
* One year of free repairs
Rest assured that if you ever have trouble with the product, we will look after you. Slendertone Evolution will have free repairs for up to one year from when you receive the product. That is just how confident we are in the quality of our products.

3. Satisfaction guaranteed support services
Not sure how to use it? Having trouble getting it to work? Call Shop Japan’s Customer Service Center right away!
Our friendly operators are there to help and serve you when you need them.

4. The Slendertone series has a track record of over million units sold!
Ever since it was released, the Slendertone, with it’s simple concept of wrapping the device around where you want to tighten up, has maintained a high level of popularity. Slendertone has soared in popularily straight after its release. The total sales of the series has reached over 7 million* and shows now signs of slowing down
* This figure is the total number of shipment’s of the series up to September 30th 2014.


  1. :

    A month ago, my stomach was sticking out more than my chest but when I looked at the photos, it’s not like that any more so I’m pleasantly surprised.
    It was easy. I just put this on and didn’t have to do anything.
    Looking at the results was quite a shock and
    now I am just really happy.
    They say a droopy stomach makes you feel droopy so now at work
    I’m like “Let’s tighten things up!”
    My impression at work changed and so did the impression I give customers which has really given me confidence.

  2. :

    My muscles became more defined and so I can really tell that I have gained muscle. I can see the definition on my sides which is something I’ve never had before. Up until now I did sit-ups and it was really hard and I didn’t get anywhere but with Slendertone I can get trained without even thinking about it. It’s amazing.

  3. :

    I’m quite slim but when I wore jeans, the fat hanging over would gve me a muffin top. When I used Slendertone for the first time, it squeezed my muscles tight and was amazing. I had never even done sit-ups before so I was really surprised when I lost 6.5cm in just 10 days. I can’t believe the firmness of my abs.

  4. :

    I was quite chubby but now it is plain to see that I have clear definition on my tummy. I think it’s an amazing change. It feels like my stomach is getting the job done by itself. I like the “By itself” part. That is what made me able to continue using it and then the results followed so I also have a great feeling of satisfaction.

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