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Leg Magic Circle


Swivel for beautiful legs!
Swivel for curves!

This evolutionary exercise machine tones your lower body 360 degrees around.

Upgrade kit (Push Up Grips & Power Band)

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The popular product that has exceeded 3 million sales in Japan*, Leg Magic, has received an upgrade!
A 360 degree rotating movement has been added to the previous opening and closing movement to form the LEG MAGIC CIRCLE.
Move front to back, left to right and spin 360 degrees.
It can be used by people of all fitness levels. Simply glide your feet freely. And that’s not all. Each set only takes 60 seconds of exercise! It’s easy to stick to even for those who have busy lives.
Obtain those slender legs and beautiful curves.

The secret to how both beautiful legs and curves are obtainable in one machine

The greatest feature of LEG MAGIC CIRCLE is that you spin 360 degrees in a gliding movement, made possible by the Circle Fitness System.
By combining an opening and closing movement with a spinning movement, the vertical, horizontal, and angled motions effectively engage not just the lower body but even the waist area. Your body will be toned three dimensionally, 360 degrees around.

1. Slide your legs in and out and you can have beautiful legs!
Just glide and slide. Simply hop on the pedals and open and close your legs by moving your feet from side to side. Simple movements that engage hard to train calves, inner and outer thighs and hips to tone your entire lower body.

2. Spin and twist for curves!
Just spin your legs round and round. For the LEG MAGIC CIRCLE, a 360 degree spinning capability was added to the original opening and closing movement. The spinning makes the waist move in a twisting motion, and focuses on engaging muscles that easily put on fat and by toning the love handles, lower stomach and back you can create curves.

3. Increase basal metabolism and burn fat!
Just glide and spin. You only have to get on it and then you can easily build up to a higher intensity workout.

One set only takes 60 seconds!

Easy to use!

Stand on the pedals and glide and spin. All you need to do is spin, so fitness levels don’t matter! Anyone can learn to use it.

Exercise in the convenience of your own home!

With this one machine, you don’t need to go to the gym anymore. It’s quiet and takes up little space, so you can work out anytime you want! Once you’re done, even storage is simple!

Simply fun!

Watch TV while you slide, glide and spin. Spinning is so fun that each 60 second set passes by in the blink of an eye. You’ll be able to feel the slimming effect and so you will actually enjoy the workout and want to stick to it.


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    The color is bright but not offputting. An elderly family member wanted to train their leg muscles, so they started using it and have been very satisfied with the results. To be honest, I was concerned about an elderly person using it but it seems easy for them to use and I’m truly happy about the purchase. Thank you very much.

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